Featured Image: Lisa Sartori of Dirty Three Wines, Gippsland, Victoria, Photographer: Catherine Forge, Source: Museums Victoria via the Invisible Farmer Project.

When someone passes away, it sends a shockwave through a rural community.

We know mental health is a serious challenge and we know our farms are inherently dangerous. Especially for our kids.

We know more lives are lost on our roads, and that our overall health is poorer – and we also know that statistically, these factors affect men far more than they do women.

We know we need to slow down, speak up and take care and we know we can do better.

Enter: #PlantASeedForSafety.

A rural social change initiative that puts health, safety and wellbeing front of mind, and ultimately?

Gets people home to their families safe and well every. single. day.

Established in Australia 2018 and rolled out in New Zealand in 2020, we have:

With a focus on storytelling, social media and empowering community groups to facilitate fun, meaningful activities that put health, safety and wellbeing front of mind, #PlantASeedForSafety spins yarns that save lives.

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Everybody knows someone who could be making smarter, safer and healthier choices.

Whether you’re a farmer, a teacher, a fisherwoman or a nurse, we all have a responsibility to look out for the health, safety and wellbeing of ourselves and those around us. 

Thirty years ago – no-one wore seatbelts. Today we do it without even thinking about it.

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