Do as I say AND as I do!

An opportunity for everyone to spin yarns for safety – to honour the experience of those who’ve been around the block + embrace the fresh eyes of the young’uns coming through.

Whether it’s bung knee, a crook back or the absence of a digit – everyone knows someone who’s ‘come-a- gutsa’, who’s been acquainted with the black dog, or who’s had a near miss in the throes of life on the land.

Yup – it goes without saying that when it comes to health, safety + wellbeing, the opportunities to learn from one another are endless.

Astronomical, even.

In ag, we all have different mindsets, priorities, experiences and perspectives… and all levels of stubbornness (yep, I said it!) – hence the old agri-adage of ‘do as I say, not as I do’.

But what if we took a step back and actually listened to those around us?

What pearls of wisdom might we uncover, what might we do differently and how might we strengthen the relationship between generations to collectively walk the talk and talk the talk?

Enter: the 'Do as I say AND as I do' campaign.

The concept is simple – we want to hear from two family members, from two different generations, on their thoughts on the importance of health, safety and/or wellbeing, and on how they might influence change.

What do we want to know?

  • Old(*er) hacks: if you had your time again, what advice would you give your younger self about the
    importance of health, safety and/or wellbeing?
  • Young’uns: how have you influenced others to make safer, healthier choices, or to do something

Keen to get involved? Here's what you'll need...

  • 2 x people from 2 x different generations e.g. a mum / son, grandfather / granddaughter etc
  • 5 minutes together to answer the questions below, and
  • a photo of the pair of you doing your agri’thang.

Submissions will be shared online over the coming month, as well as on the #PlantASeedForSafety socials. Make sure you’re following us on Facebook, Insta and LinkedIn to see your faces up in lights!



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